Cornerstones is the name for our organized group of those from PayNaz who are 50+. All are welcome to join us! 


Cornerstones is run by a leadership team that meets at the church.  This team currently consists of five individuals, but new leadership is always welcomed!


Cornerstone seeks to offer fun and faithful opportunities for fellowship for its members, and to serve our children, youth, and young people. There's always plenty to do in Cornerstones!


Cornerstones members frequently take small trips together, visiting nearby towns, recreation areas, and even churches. Cornerstones also raises money to help send children to camp, and to do other things for children, such as provide Christmas gifts and treats.

For more information on what is going on in Cornerstone Ministry people talk with:

Pam Nixion

Barbra Welch

Next Cornerstone meetings: November 21 and December 19