Youth - paynaz YMT

At PayNaz we love Young People!


     Our Youth Group is split into two different groups, Jr. & Sr. High. Our Jr. High, 6th-8th grade and  Sr. High, 9th-12th grade, meets Mondays from 6:30pm-8pm.

      *If you have any questions about Youth related actives, or things of that nature, please get in contact with Pastor Nathan. His information is below.


A typical night looks something like this:


    We begin with a game, or two. We then transition into our lesson/devotion for the night. Each lesson has its own particular image that helps teens to remember, connect, and re-tell the story themselves. The idea behind this is that Young People learn to love Jesus, and love the Church.


   We believer our purpose is to Equip and Encourage Youth in what a Life Long walk with Jesus looks like.

Teens are doing quizzing during Sunday School at 9:15am.

On Sundays evenings, there is a Bible study at Pastor Nathan's house at 6pm for Junior High and 7:30pm for Junior High.